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Jacksonville Alarm Response

Take the worry out of your home and business with Securus Group’s alarm response services. You can be sure that if your alarm system is activated at home or at work, a fully trained and vetted Alarm Response Officer will be there quickly to deal with the incident giving you peace of mind. When there is a security emergency such as theft, vandalism, power outage, natural disaster, fire, or any kind of incident that may threaten your company’s security, call Securus Group and we will arrange for a patrol response to your place of business immediately. We will provide 24-hour a day Jacksonville alarm response security officers to monitor your property until things return to normal.

Do I Need an Alarm Response Service?

Jacksonville Alarm ResponsePutting in an alarm system is a great first step in the security of your business; however, who responds when it goes off? Requiring one of your employees to respond puts your business at unnecessary risk. Is a 45 minute alarm response from your employee too long if your business is being burglarized? The answer is yes.

If you assume the police department will send officers, it is important to know your area. Not all police departments will dispatch for an alarm signal. In some urban areas, police will not respond whatsoever. Securus Group treats alarms and alarm response calls for service as priority calls and guarantees a timely armed alarm response, coupled with decisive action to handle your particular situation as you want it handled.

Why Choose Us?

Securus Group employs trained and professional Jacksonville alarm response officers who respond to incidents and alarms daily. Some basic qualifications include firearms training, patrol procedures, vehicle contacts, emergency vehicle operations, use of force and self-defense, first aid and Cardio-Cerebral Resuscitation (CCR) certification, building searching, customer service, conflict resolution, and training in the National Incident Management System (NIMS).


All members of our Leadership Team have at least 10 years experience in the security industry. Most of us also have varied law enforcement and military backgrounds.


We base our business model on the fundamentals of trust as it is truly the cornerstone of what we do. In the security industry, if you do not have trust, you do not have business.


Our staff members and officers are the most knowledgeable in their chosen field. We continually strive to learn new laws and methods of securing our client's assets. It's what we do!


Our current pricing structure allows you, the client, to get more than what you paid for. We can provide a breakdown of all costs associated with service so you know where your money goes.

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