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Jacksonville Concierge Services

At The Securus Group, Jacksonville concierge services are an extension of our basic business philosophy of “Security through Service”. Recruited primarily from the hospitality industry, our concierge staff undergoes the same rigorous selection process and pre-assignment training as our security officers. In addition to basic security training, however, each concierge receives intensive instruction in telephone etiquette, public relations skills, and the value of discretion. Our goal is to make your environment as safe and as pleasant as possible with our Jacksonville Concierge Services Officers (CSO).

What is Concierge Security?

The Securus Group ConciergeThe word concierge is from the French phrase “comte des cierges”, or “keeper of the candles”, who took care of visiting noblemen in medieval castles. The concierge eventually came to be known as the person in charge of the keys at hotels and other public buildings. Our concierge staff typically provides 24-hour coverage, seven days per week and are essential for the service industry. These personnel assist in connecting the guests with your facility or company in a helpful, assistive way and coordinate communication.

Our Jacksonville concierge services personnel will offer assistance as needed to clients, their employees, guests and visitors in an expedient and professional manner and will promote good public relations through courteous, helpful and professional contact with visitors, staff and guests. Most importantly, the concierge will insure that all persons entering the facility are authorized to do so, being alert for persons engaging in prohibited behavior, observing and reporting safety hazards and enforcing the rules and policies of the property.

What Training is Involved?

All Jacksonville concierge services employees are licensed Security Officers and meet or exceed all requirements set forth by the Florida Division of Licensing. Each concierge employee will receive CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification prior to being placed in the client’s work environment. Because they are crossed-trained, concierge security officers are aware of safety and security situations and their ramifications. Additionally, these individuals would be available to work as security officers to assist in times of elevated situations such as disasters and special events.


All members of our Leadership Team have at least 10 years experience in the security industry. Most of us also have varied law enforcement and military backgrounds.


We base our business model on the fundamentals of trust as it is truly the cornerstone of what we do. In the security industry, if you do not have trust, you do not have business.


Our staff members and officers are the most knowledgeable in their chosen field. We continually strive to learn new laws and methods of securing our client's assets. It's what we do!


Our current pricing structure allows you, the client, to get more than what you paid for. We can provide a breakdown of all costs associated with service so you know where your money goes.

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