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Since 2009, The Securus Group has trained thousands of security, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals in critical public safety topics in our Jacksonville security guard classes. With a staff of real-world instructors, The Securus Group has earned a reputation as one of Florida’s premier sources for security and public safety training. We provide traditional classroom instruction and hands-on training at our location in Jacksonville, Florida. All Jacksonville security guard classes are accredited by the Florida Division of Licensing. Our security courses are designed to provide the student with all the tools needed to succeed in the security industry. Choose any of the security courses below to get started.

Courses We Teach

Jacksonville Security Guard ClassesThe Securus Group maintains its own state-certified training school and utilizes a curriculum certified by the Florida Division of Licensing and the Florida Department of Education. Our school offers courses that meet the requirements of the 40-hour security officer training program (Class D) and the CPR, First Aid and AED Certification program. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Security Officer in Florida, please click here.

The Securus Group Training Institute offers the following courses:

  • Unarmed Security Officer – Class D Course (40-hour Program) Cost: $100.00
  • CPR, First Aid and AED Certification (8-hour Program) Cost: $175.00

Whether you are beginning an exciting career in security or are a veteran security officer, our security courses are designed to keep you up to date with knowledge in an ever-changing and dynamic industry. We have beginning security courses for the novice and advanced security courses for the officer that has been in the industry for awhile.


All members of our Leadership Team have at least 10 years experience in the security industry. Most of us also have varied law enforcement and military backgrounds.


We base our business model on the fundamentals of trust as it is truly the cornerstone of what we do. In the security industry, if you do not have trust, you do not have business.


Our staff members and officers are the most knowledgeable in their chosen field. We continually strive to learn new laws and methods of securing our client's assets. It's what we do!


Our current pricing structure allows you, the client, to get more than what you paid for. We can provide a breakdown of all costs associated with service so you know where your money goes.

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